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I REALLY like Livejournal

yes, we heard you the first time,you have a homosexual attraction to Livejournal

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"Mom... Dad, i have something to tell you... I really like LJ..."
"Why not dear, Lj's a LOVELY website" says your mother innocently.
"no.. I REALLY like Lj" You insist.
"Yes son, we heard you the first time.. YOU have a HOMOSEXUAL Attraction to LJ!!!" says your father.

Yes, we all know its true.
You have a Homosexual attraction To your livejournal.
Admit it though... dont we ALL???

So, how do YOU know if your fit for this community???

Do you....

* Get excited at the mention of Livejournal amongst people you dont know, and indulge in bragging about your own?
* Do you wear a shirt with your Username on it?
*Do you get a thrill out of stranger commenting on your suicide attempts which are recorded in a storybook type manner??
* Do you ponder ALL day about what your going to write in your livejournal that afternoon?
* Do you jot down notes during the day about things you want to remember to write?
* Do you go back to your previous entries written ecactly a year ago and see how much youve progressed since????

Yes, your fit for this community....