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I’ m pretending to study sociology, which is full of whatever, because the exam is on Friday, and all of a sudden (after, much scanning through LJ usernames) I began to wonder : Do Livejournal usernames have some sort of effect on the user? I mean, obviously mine has ;) I’m expected to be crazy with a name like mine – but I’d think that its purpose has developed.

Initially, I chose this name, because Princess_mary, or something to that effect was taken, and then, after much consideration, I figured that whenever I would be using it, I would indeed be Procrastinating. Simple enough to understand, but would I, infact, actually procrastinate so much if my livejournal name wasn’t that?

When I see peoples usernames like morbid_bear or, whatever, does that mean that they feel they are expected to hold a melancholy disposition to everything they write about, even after their period of angst is over? (Just for the record, that person dosent exist… )

I don’t know you guys, discuss! :D
Tags: hmmm, lol, procrastinating, study, wow
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